Poly girls might be the best.

I’ve always been slightly on the jealous side. Relationships & me don’t usually mix well. I could never figure out why, it just never worked out for me before?

After being single for extended amounts of time in my life, let me first say that I’ve grown to love my solitude. I thrive in my own time. But so far, I’ve never felt that being single is what I WANT.

It’s just making the best out of a “bad” situation.

About a month ago I was interviewing a woman for my podcast & things got a little intense. We recorded for 2 hours. We were both exhausted afterwards. After a snack break we continued talking for a couple more hours.

Here I am about month later, I’m crazy in love with her. It’s the best, “worst” relationship I’ve ever been in. Had this been a few years ago I would have been too jealous to even consider talking to her too much, for fear of cheating & heartbreak.

My perspective switched. I realized that being single is basically just me getting off by porn or me just imagining situations. This woman, to me, she’s amazing. I simply imagine her with other dudes & it really turns me on. It’s kind of weird to approach this territory. Though, I’m not exactly sure why?

Every Blues song in the world is about the woman who left for another man. But where are all the blues songs about the woman who is dating another man, but also dates me?? I don’t think they exist.

And i’ll tell ya why.

1st. From my experiences as a single, enjoying the single part, I realized I don’t like to be around somebody ALL the time. In fact, I don’t have a lot of TIME in general. I’m busy working on my projects mostly.

2nd. She’s always happy & excited to see me when she does. I think it’s because she doesn’t HAVE to see me at all. Neither do I. I simply WANT to see her. I CHOOSE to see her. If one of us didn’t, at least she has her boyfriend to fall back on.

3rd. Breaking up is easier. I mean, I don’t want to break up with her. But what if something happens? I don’t want to leave someone alone, high & dry. Knowing that she’s resilient enough to land on her feet is definitely attractive.

Question yourself. Question your own boundaries. Question everything.

Sidenote: Where we’re at right now, we’re taking it slow. We haven’t even slept together yet. Which makes us friends right? Normally I would agree. It’s just that nothing we say doesn’t turn directly into sexual innuendo. hahaha! Along with all of that heaviness, we’re teaching each other things. I think that every person we fall in love with teaches us something of value. I haven’t told her directly, I just write her songs & stories where I am in love with her:) Which it’s also nice to have such a vibrant & gorgeous fox as your muse.

Anyway, this could all end terribly. The other guy could get real jealous of me or whoever else she picks up. But at least in this case this woman is smart & seems very grounded. It takes a certain discipline to be able to be emotionally available to multiple people.

That would be a con. Because sometimes things have to be compartmentalized. Boundaries have to exist. Rules have to be stated. But I would say that in any relationship that’s the case.

Maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about? I don’t know if I can love multiple women? Physically sure, but emotionally is a much taller order.

Either way, I just met a human being who I got to know very close up & personal for the last month. She’s great regardless of if it works or not. Worst case scenario, we just go different ways. and we gain a friend.

Stop taking things so personally, take responsibility for your own life. Choose good people to be around you. I know it’s hard. It’s difficult as fuck. Also, it’s taken me a few emotional breakdowns, a little meditation, re-evaluating who I am & why I’m suffering to even make it to this conclusion.

Let me restate, that being in love with a poly girl was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. I have no regrets. Plus, I told her not to call me for a week. How cool is that? I mean, I miss her, but.. she probably misses me too. How cool is that?? Also, FREEDOM. It’s great.



Organizer of Jubileego Arts & Music Festival, musician, writer, design, futurist, looking for intellectual insights outside of this small town Ohio, & a goof

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Great Grandpa Beebe

Organizer of Jubileego Arts & Music Festival, musician, writer, design, futurist, looking for intellectual insights outside of this small town Ohio, & a goof